Our Services


Our Services

Paramad Sp. z o.o plays its role for support Polish Economy by promoting Polish Services & Products.it helps in exporting polish high quality products to outside Poland or even promotes doing business in Poland for investors from MENA Region.

 We are working in different industries inside Poland but as per the fact that Paramad sp z o.o Owners are initially Pharmacists with a great experience in doing Pharmaceutical,Cosmoceutical, Medical Device & Nutrition business in MENA Region,So Our Main Focus on the Pharmaceutical Industry.

If you are interested in doing business in Poland, or maybe you are already doing it, you are Welcome! 

Paramad sp z o.o is happy to support investors, corporates and individuals. We are a perfectly balanced team of business professionals with experience in doing business in Poland.

We also offer general business research and business plan assessment. We may even provide you with guidance if you want to establish new company or hire your staff here in Poland or in MENA Region.

Paramad sp z o.o offers services including:

For Investors from Outside Poland:

  • Private Label Production in Poland.
  • Solo Distributer Agreements & Marketing Authorization for Polish Products to be distributed outside Poland.
  • Selection for Investment & Cooperation Partners in Poland,
  • Being Your Business Consultant for Company,Brand,Dosage Form Selection.
  • Tailored Visits for investors to Poland,
  • information on legal and economic environment,
  • facilitating contacts with central and local authorities,
  • identification of suppliers and contractors,
  • Market Studies & Customized Market Research.
  • Business Consultations in All Fields.


For Manufacturers,Companies,Service Providers in Poland:

  • We can promote your products or services to our Partners in MENA Region.
  • Recommendations for best market to enter according to your business Objectives.
  • Commercial, Legal & Advertising Agencies customized for your business needs.
  • Tailored visits for Polish Companies Managers to MENA Region.
  • Market Studies & Customized Market Research in MENA Region.
  • Business Consultations in All Fields.


For more information or meeting reservation please contact us at: invest@paramad.pl 

Tel-What’s app  :0048729405622


                               : 0048730672641

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