Bakuchiol – ingredient of the year 2021


The most popular anti-inflammatory and skin disease treatment aid in Ayurvedic medicine is Bakuchiol extract . It is botanical retinol (also called herbal retinol) that is mistakenly viewed as a form of vitamin A. Retinol has a very strong repair power. It perfectly penetrates the stratum corneum, so which the cells are stimulated to renew. It delays the aging of the skin and is great in the fight against acne.

Unlike retinol, Bakuchiol is safe for pregnant women. It is gentle on the skin as it does not photosensitize to light, so it is safe for the fetus. It soothes irritations and is therefore suitable for all skin types.

Due to its exfoliating properties, it helps to remove the callous layer of the epidermis and reduces the activity of the enzyme responsible for the excessive secretion of sebum. It is a brilliant solution in the fight against acne, because it inhibits the growth of bacteria responsible for its formation. For this reason, it is recommended for people with problem skin and prone to discoloration. It also has properties that increase the number of fibroblasts, which are responsible for the production of elastin and collagen. This is why it improves skin density and elasticity.

Bakuchiol by its biological origin, reduces the effects of UV radiation and does not pose a risk of vitamin A overdose. For this reason, it can be safely used all year round.


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