Naturally in Wroclaw


It is a good idea to take care of your skin is properly prepared before winter. This is the last moment to take care of it. The fair of natural cosmetics will be held in Wroclaw on December 12-13, 2020 years. This is the 16th edition of the expo. This is a unique opportunity to buy natural creams, oils, peelings, balsams, and soaps.

Many people choose natural cosmetics because they want to take care of the environment and the beneficial effect on the body. Consumers want to have natural ingredients because they will respond to the chemical transmission in the cosmetics industry. This makes the expo extremely popular, but it also offers a wide range of events for a crowd-pleasing appearance at the fair. At the fair you will be able to talk with natural care specialists and get to know the products straight from the manuals. The exhibition community includes stylists, make-up makers, cosmetologists, health, and beauty experts, as well as offers of beauty salons and spa hotels.

The offer includes not only natural cosmetics, but also products such as candles, cleaning products and make-up removal pads. This is a great opportunity not only to know the products, but also to buy them at attractive prices. Exhibitors are happy to use the expo option, as this is an opportunity for them to get to know their consumer.

The natural beauty fair is a great opportunity for sensitive people, allergies, or other skin problems to take a close look at the wide range of offers. The fair will take place at the street Dlugosza (Hala ASPA) from 11 am to 6 pm. Entrance to the fair is free.


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